management system "can be applied to any organization, large or small, whatever its product or service, in any sector of activity, and whether it is a business enterprise, a public administration, or a government department."


analysis of how successfully a project can be completed, accounting for factors that affect it such as economic, technological, legal and scheduling factors. Project managers use feasibility studies to determine potential positive and negative outcomes of a project before investing a considerable amount of time and money into it.


management related to crew management with related tasks, logistics related to operations as well as operations, service and maintenance.


provides a complete range of financial solutions for public and private sector clients operating in national and international markets.
We offer integrated solutions for the active and value-based management of all customer relationships and cash flows that help to safeguard payment flows during every stage of the customer life cycle.


the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.


NAFA Consulting is one of Middle East leading management consulting firms. NAFA works with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the viable success they desire.

NAFA help their clients make lasting improvements to their performance and grasp their most important goals. Over more than half century, NAFA in

Director & Founder

Nabeel is a Saudi Citizen with enormous experience in various business fields, both global and national. He has the ability to help establish new ventures & businesses. He would be the right person to consult on strategies required to overcome obstacles and & focus on successful market entries, cash out, merging or acquisitions.

As a Senior Business Planning & Strategy advisor, Mr. Faisal is an Energy & Power Adviser along with B2B & New Business Venture where he provide great choices for local & international companies who strive to provide energy and power alternatives.

If you are looking for an expert who can manage logistics then you are looking at the right one for his vast experience as Executive Fleet & Logistics Management.

NAFA is one of those reliable offices who are considered to trust your business with.


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